Online Pharmacies placing people at risk


The growing number of online pharmacies who are not properly registered is placing UK people at risk.

The problem comes with the fact that people no longer believe that the NHS is able to help them, or help them in a timely manner, so they look elsewhere for support. Finding a quick solution while fearing that a medical professional wouldn’t give them the answer they were looking for sounds attractive to some folk, so you can see why many people would turn to an online solution.

This situation was highlighted when there was a huge demand for medication that enhanced men’s ability to hold an erection. This is an issue that affects many men across the country but it is an issue that a lot of people wouldn’t want to go public about or speak to a medical professional about. The rise of online pharmacies provided these people with the platform to obtain pills that had been widely discussed. This meant that many people felt they were getting the help they needed without embarrassment but a lot of people were getting something that they hadn’t bargained for.

Different people react to medication in different ways

First of all, even if the pills were genuine, they may cause a reaction for that person that a medical professional would have foreseen. Sometimes there is a clear reason for a doctor not providing a certain type of medication or a particular pill because they know the medical history of the patient. Many pills react badly with other pills or some people may suffer an allergic reaction to certain types of medication. If a patient went to a doctor with this complaint, the doctor would be able to make an advised decision on what the best treatment for the patient was. An online pharmacy couldn’t do this.

There is also the fact that there is no guarantee that online pharmacies actually sell the right drugs or provide medication which is safe for people to take. Many of the pharmacies hold no licence and you cannot know for sure what you are going to be given if you order from one of these providers. Given the dangers associated with placing unknown chemicals into your body, there needs to be serious questions asked about these sites. Ideally there would be legislation and regulation in place that prevents these sites from operating but given the wide ranging nature of the internet, that isn’t going to be easy. This means that there is a need for people to be aware of the risks associated with these sites and the risks associated with their use.

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