Business Administration

Business & Administration

Level 2

As an NVQ Level 2 candidate you can expect to work as an administrative or clerical assistant. There is a wide scope of option units covering areas such as managing customer relations, diary systems, arranging travel and accommodation, researching and storing information, as well as a variety of units covering the use of different software and preparation of documents, so that you can tailor the qualification to your own particular job role.


Level 3

As a candidate for the Edexcel Level 3 NVQ in Business and Administration, you can expect to work as a secretary, personal assistant or office administrator. The Level 3 option units will develop your supervisory, organisation, monitoring and analytical skills. Units 227, 233, 325 and 326 are specialist units to prepare candidates for work in the custodial environment such as prisons, detention centres, asylum centres, escort services between prison and courts and hospitals. These units place a greater emphasis on overseeing the procedures and taking responsibility, eg for verifying critical dates for sentences and the release process. Units 227 and 233 have also been approved as Level 3 units, as both involve a level of responsibility in identifying from court documentation which individuals could be released from court (227) or in maintaining security (233). These units may allow some progression to a supervisory level such as custody officers.


Level 4

As a candidate for the Edexcel Level 4 NVQ in Business and Administration you can expect to work as a company secretary or as a head of administration, which means you hold a central administrative role in an organisation. Some ‘low’-level management skills are introduced, like those in the units ‘Manage projects’ and ‘Chair meetings’.


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