Apprenticeships and NVQ`s

It’s the perfect start to the rest of your life.

Entry requirements

If you are already employed you can start an Apprenticeship with Rapid Improvement. We will work closely with you and your employer to develop your skills, fulfill the requirements required for your role and support you in gaining a nationally recognised qualification. You have to be aged 16 years or over and must be working a minimum of 30 hours per week. You also need to be a resident in England and not in full-time education.
If you are not yet employed, we advertise Apprenticeship vacancies. There are often no formal qualification entry requirements, however you must be aged 16 years or over to apply.


Who can do an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16 and over, living in England or Wales and not taking part in full-time education. Entry requirements are flexible because Apprenticeships aren’t just based on academic achievement; practical skills count in the area of work you’ve chosen because employers value dedication to work and keenness to learn.

Completing an Apprenticeship

An Apprenticeship is made up from:

  • An NVQ or QCF
  • A Technical Certificate (although some Apprenticeships do not have one)
  • Key Skills or Functional Skills

Your NVQ or QCF portfolio is like a work diary, it records your activities and experiences. Your portfolio is assessed to make sure you are competent. Your work will be assessed at your place of work. The Technical Certificate is theory based and links into some of the things you need to do in your NVQ. Key Skills or Functional Skills are similar to GCSEs however learning is focused around your industry and job role. Types of Key Skills or Functional Skills that you might have to complete are:

  • Application of Number (similar to Maths)
  • Communication (similar to English)
  • ICT

Other important download information for Apprenticeship 

  1. Apprenticeship Standard for Lead Adult Care Worker
  2. Apprenticeship Standard for  Adult Care Worker
  3. Lead Adult Care Worker-Assessment Strategy

Send us an email or call 020 8648 0395 and a member of our team will help you sign your staff onto the programme and discuss your requirements in detail.

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